Size Chart

When shopping for shoes for your child, please be aware that all brands vary slightly in their measurements. For example a EUR 26 in a Freycoo shoe does not neccesarily translate to a EUR 26 in a SKEANIE.

When choosing the most approprate shoe size, it is best to measure your child's foot first. To do this, have them stand on a blank piece of paper, and mark the place where both the heel and the longest toe sits (please ensure that toes are not curled).

With a ruler, measure the distance between the two points. For all shoes (other than ScruffyDog)  please add on an additional 0.5cm - 1cm to the original measurement to factor in for wriggle room and growth.Then refer to our Size Charts to find the corresponding inner sole size that is most appropriate.

For ScruffyDog please do not add any room for growth as this has been factored into the shoe size.

For example, if you measure 15cm for your child's foot length, you would then add on an additional 1cm to gauge the best fit ie. (16cm innersole).