What makes Old Soles kid's shoes so special…and why you should own a pair.

The cooler weather is upon us, with days becoming shorter and mornings a little frosty. This signals one of my favourite times of year. The re-stock and addition of amazing shoe styles from one of my favourite shoe brands for babies and toddlers – Old Soles Shoes.

I’ve been a huge fan of Old Soles shoes since 2016 when my little boy put on his first pair of leather sneakers. There was something about them which I immediately fell in love with. The smooth feel of the leather, the classic shoe design which meant that they could go with literally any outfit I threw on my boy.

 They were fun and stylish, practical and comfortable …and most importantly…


They lasted.


Which says a lot, especially when you’re a mum of boys.


So our collection of Old Soles shoes started to grow.

And grow.

You see, when you own a pair of their gorgeous shoes, you’re investing in healthy foot development for your little one.

Why do they make the best shoes for babies and toddlers?

It’s simple really.

A lot of thought, dedication and love goes into designing children’s shoes.

And a thorough understanding of the developmental stages of a child are essential in shoe design.

Let me explain.

In an earlier blog post I discussed the important things you need to keep in mind when buying your child’s first pair of shoes. The design of Old Soles shoes really sets a high standard here, dividing their kids shoe range into three categories:-


  • Pre and First Walkers
  • Toddlers Shoes
  • Kids Shoes


What makes their baby and pre-walker shoe range so good?

Their designs are made in such a way that they cater for healthy foot development, especially in the early years when the cartilage in baby feet is most pliable.

The leather shoe upper allows little feet to breathe and absorbs sweat, making them ideal for all year round weather. The front of the shoe, known as the toebox is rounded which allows your baby’s foot to sit flat promoting natural foot movement and protects against toes being squished. And then there’s the outsole of the shoe, which is made from lightweight flexible rubber, that gives the next best feeling to walking barefoot.

With a Cheer Bambini sneaker weighing in at only 50 grams, it’s easy to see why these shoes are so good for babies that are just learning to walk.


Old Soles Cheer Bambini baby shoes



Here comes the adventurous toddler

So now your little one is between two and three years and is busy running around with you more, climbing up play equipment and walking up and down stairs.

You might ask yourself, “well, how have their feet changed?”

Let’s take a look.

At this stage muscles are starting to strengthen and their arch is slowly developing, but their feet are nowhere near that of adults yet. They still need shoes that encourage natural movement and flexibility, yet they can be a little more robust and structured.

That’s where the Old Soles toddler shoe range ticks all the boxes. Made with soft leathers, lightweight flexible rubber soles and arch support, little ones are able to enjoy everyday adventures in comfort and style as they progress through this next stage of development.

What I also love at this stage is the extra support given by a padded heel counter at the back of the shoe. Not only does this make the shoe sturdy it also helps to keep your little one’s foot in a stable position when walking.


Where did the time go? The preschool and lower primary years

Now that your little one is over four years (– how quickly did that happen?), you’ve really got your hands full. Days are spent going from one activity to another, picking up elder siblings from school, playdates with friends, trips to the park and the list goes on.

So, your child needs a shoe that is comfortable, durable and stylish as well.

That’s where the Kids range from Old Soles shoes comes to the rescue.

Seriously, the choice in this range is absolutely stunning. From gorgeous leather t-bars to leather high top sneakers and boots there is a shoe for every occasion.

You’ll love the cushioned leather insoles in this range that support your child’s feet promoting correct posture and movement.

And let me tell you, those supportive leather insoles are so comfortable and make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

These school holidays, I took my kids for a day trip to the City last Sunday. We walked all day, from The Rocks down to Town Hall to Darling Harbour. It was a long day, but not for a seven year old, who wore the Starter Shoe. Guess who had tired feet at the end of the day?


Makes me wish they came in my size!


Old Soles Starter Shoe


With either Velcro or zip closures, the older child’s range are super easy for little ones to put on and take off all by themselves. Cue practice in fine motor skills here.

Simply put, Old Soles shoes are the best toddler and kids shoes by far for all of life’s little adventures.

This autumn/winter, we’ve expanded our range of Old Soles shoes to include some gorgeous new styles including a classic Mary Jane soft sole called Gabrielle in classic neutral tones right through to the fabulous Starter Shoe in core colours and Old Soles Pave high top sneakers.

And don’t worry, we’ve re-stocked the amazing Royal Shoe in tan and navy, and Cheer Bambini soft sole sneakers because we know how much you love them!

Old Soles Royal Shoe


You can visit our  Old Soles shoes collection here to find the very best children’s shoes and shop from the comfort and warmth of home this winter.


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