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      Are you looking for the perfect baby or toddler hat for your little one for sunny days?

      From vintage style bonnets for your baby, to the gorgeous Heritage and Originals range for toddlers and big kids, plus swim hats for pool and beach play we've got a wonderful collection of Bedhead Hats online.

      Designed on the Central Coast of NSW, Bedhead Hats is an Australian icon when it comes to sun protection for kids. With a UPF50+ protection rating, their range of bucket, swim and legionnaire style hats provide premium protection, comfort and fit for babies, toddlers and big kids. 

      What we love about Bedhead Hats, is that they have a deep anti-flop brim which covers both the face and neck of little ones to protect them from the hot sun. With brims of approximately 6 centimetres in length, you know that your little one is getting the best sun protection from UV rays this summer.

      You'll love the fact that each hat has chin straps which can be tied together or adjusted with a slide toggle to keep your little one's hat in place. No more hats flying off and getting lost on a windy day at the park. And did we mention the name label located on the inside which you can easily write on? These kids hats tick all the right boxes.

       For babies, the legionnaire baby hat design is perfect for children in prams and carriers. These hats are lightweight with a flap that protects baby's neck from the hot sun and the upright brim gives little one's a clear line of sight.

      You and your little one will love the fun and colourful prints from the Originals collection. If you prefer the vintage look, the Heritage range of sun hats for kids are perfect for styling with neutral tones.

      The quality of Bedhead Hats is second to none. Put simply they last. You can wash them easily on a gentle cycle in the washing machine and then line dry them in the shade.

      Bedhead Hats are perfect for all ages. From babies in prams and carriers, to busy toddlers and pre-schoolers at day care to older kids on the go.